Pets In Transit  Pet Travel Consultation

Traveling with your pet, but need to make sure that you’re not forgetting any of the arrangements? Preparing your pet for travel means veterinary appointments, vaccinations and plenty of paperwork—one missed form can ground you and your companion for weeks. With our experienced pet travel specialists helping you prepare, though, you get the peace of mind that you and your little one have everything you need for the big day.

Our pet travel consultation services include:

  • A dedicated travel specialist who knows what you and your pet need to safely travel
  • A thorough review of your pet’s current health records and an assessment of the entry requirements for your country of destination (including vaccinations, licenses, microchips and more)
  • A customized, detailed timeline that explains everything you and your pet need to do and when, so that all the arrangements are made in time
  • Contacting your vet to explain to them what your pet needs prior to your last pre-travel visit
  • Planning your final vet visit before your departure, and completing the required paperwork that your vet must approve in conjunction with the final visit
  • Scheduling the USDA visit for the required government endorsement of health documents, including all prepaid labels for shipping health documents
  • Assistance in choosing a comfortable, airline-approved crate for your pet

  • Pet Travel Consultation Services

    Rates start at $275 for up to two pets, $25 for each additional pet (pending country-specific fees and permit requirements)

    Also Available:

    Every country has distinctly different, complex forms and paperwork that must be filled out to legally import your pet. As an additional service, our reliable travel experts can prepare and submit your application for you and your pet, ensuring that all of the guidelines are met in time. Contact us for a quote!