Ground travel is something that most pets are used to already, whether you let your dog lean out of the passenger’s seat window while running errands or you regularly take your pet to the vet. However, it’s the longer travel times and distances that can be somewhat stressful and less enjoyable for your pet, which may make air travel more ideal.

While some pets might be able to tolerate a long cross-country drive, others might fare better with an air pet transport relocation service, particularly if ground transport is impossible when traveling overseas.

Even if you’re capable of bringing your pet along with you on a road trip to your new home, you may not want to bear the annoying meows and instead make the trip more comfortable for both you and your companion.

Thankfully, both pet relocation ground transport and air travel services are available, depending on your specific needs and travel preferences, whether you’re moving to another country with pets or simply moving a few states away.

Pet Relocation Ground Transport – Things to Know

Ground transportation for pets may be less hard on them overall because of the familiarity they may have with this type of vehicle. However, with these services your pet will be traveling with an unfamiliar stranger for several days, which can make the experience more stressful for them.

Certain companies that offer ground transportation services take a large number of pets at the same time to maximize efficiency, which can make trips take even longer due to drop-offs and subsequently increase your pet’s stress level throughout.

However, companies such as Pets in Transit understand that this isn’t often the best way to transport your pet, which is why we offer private solo or family pet relocation ground transport services. With our on-ground services, your pet will be able to enjoy peace and quiet with services designed to cater to your pet’s specific needs.

Air Pet Transport Relocation Service – Things to Know

While it may not be the best option in every case, traveling by air is undeniably faster than ground transport. Instead of taking several potentially painstaking days to travel, your pet will arrive at your destination within hours.

Keep in mind that despite air travel being less stressful, with reduced separation anxiety because of a shorter journey, there are certain factors to consider with air travel for your pets, including:

  • Pets will need multiple documents, depending on the country to which they’re traveling.
  • Weather can have an impact on travel plans.
  • Not every airline accepts pets, and not every airline that does transport pets will have the same level of pet-friendliness.
  • Pets need to travel in heavy-duty kennels that are International Air Transport Association-approved.

Each of these factors can make air travel with your pet a challenge, but with the right resources it doesn’t have to be too difficult.

The best way to make sure air travel goes smoothly for both you and your pet is to look for a reliable pet transportation company that understands what you need. With the help of a team of professionals with experience in pet air relocation, you can avoid inconveniences that might otherwise be present, while ensuring that your pet enjoys a safe and comfortable trip, whether across the country or overseas.

Finding Reliable Ground and Air Pet Relocation Services

If you’re moving to another country with pets or a state over, we understand that you’re likely worried about your pet’s wellbeing and the convenience of travel regardless of the circumstances.

To help alleviate the stress both you and your pet may otherwise experience throughout your journey, Pets in Transit is here to provide you with dependable ground and air pet transport relocation services. We’ll help you determine what you and your pet require, and make sure your four-legged friends get where they need to go with maximum safety and minimal stress.

We’ll make sure that you get the best options when it comes to ground or air pet relocation, leaving you comfortable in knowing your pet is always cozy and content while helping you avoid any unexpected inconveniences.

Air vs. Ground Pet Relocation

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