Relocating can be confusing and scary—for you, and for your pets! At Pets In Transit, we take all the hassle out of pet relocation, providing and arranging everything your little buddy needs for the trip.

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Every pet and every move is unique, so you can always count on our experienced, knowledgeable pet travel agents to take care of everything you need. When your pets travel with us, they’re in trained and loving hands every step of the journey. See how our reliable services take the stress out of travel for you and your companion!

Pick-up and Delivery

We can pick up your pets from wherever you need and provide comfortable, stress-free travel to the airport. Once your pets land, we’ll make sure they make it wherever they need to go in a safe, climate-controlled vehicle. Our USDA-certified services ensure that your pet always rides with a gentle, experienced animal handler.

Progress Updates

Your pets are always in good hands with Pets In Transit, and we’ll show you every step of the way. Your pets’ travel specialist updates you as much as you like throughout the journey, including calls, text messages, emails and photo updates. It’s the next best thing to traveling right alongside your pets yourself!

Door-to-Door Delivery

Traveling locally? Our pet transport solutions help you and your pet travel across the Midwest without ever leaving the ground. Private, door-to-door ground transport services are available for pets moving across the Midwest, whether they’re going alone or traveling with their people. (Certain restrictions apply.)

Riding Solo

Not all animals like four-legged company, so you and your pet never have to share a ride with anyone else. Our relocation services are tailored specifically to your pet, who will enjoy peace and quiet throughout the trip. And since your pet can’t ask, “Are we there yet,” we’ll even stop to stretch those little legs and take periodic potty breaks.

Worldwide Resources

Your pet’s journey doesn’t end at the airport, and neither do our services. At Pets In Transit, we work with pet relocation experts around the world through the unparalleled IPATA network. No matter where your pets are going, we’ll have one of our trusted, certified partners ready to pick them up at their destination.

Airline Booking

We partner with major airlines like United, British Airways and more, so we can handle all of your pet’s travel arrangements. We’ll choose the most comfortable route possible for your pet, including making arrangements for comfort stops or overnight boarding between flights if necessary. No matter how long the trip, someone will always be there to keep your pet company and send you detailed updates.

Relocation Paperwork

Different countries have different requirements for importing pets. Our travel agents know exactly what you and your pets need to be approved, and will help you make the arrangements for vaccinations, official health documentation and more. We ensure that your documents get where they need to go in time for your pets’ departure.

Temporary Boarding

If your pets needs temporary boarding before or after their flight, we arrange accommodations anywhere in the world. We board pets only with our trusted worldwide partners, so they’re always in a comfortable, clean and safe home away from home.

Our expert services have helped pets and their people relocate all over the world, including countries like the United Kingdom, France, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, China, Switzerland and more. Contact us today to see how we can simplify your pets’ travel arrangements for a worry-free, comfortable trip!

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