The cost of shipping and relocating a pet will depend on a number of variables. Whether you’re relocating your pet to a new city, state, or country, there are many different factors to consider to come up with an accurate and thorough estimate for the overall cost. Taking the following into consideration can help you determine how much it will cost to ship a dog or other pet within the same country or overseas.

How Much Do Pet Transport Services Cost?

The cost of shipping a pet can be hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the specific services you need and the overall traveling distance. Airline freight fees will comprise most of the expenses, but other expenses will include required vet services, the crate used to carry your pets, clearance through customs, import permits, and ground transport, along with administrative fees that come with hiring professional shipping companies.

Of course, hiring a professional pet shipping company is ideal, especially if you’re traveling internationally, but you should do the research needed to find the right company for you.

Breaking Down the Different Pet Relocation Costs

As we’ve mentioned, airline freight fees will be the bulk of pet relocation expenses. Pets that are shipped as “cargo” are considered to be freight during the booking process. Many countries require pets, including dogs and cats, to enter through customs as “cargo.” Freight costs can be as much as $1,200 or higher, depending on the airline you select.

These expenses are calculated in one of two ways: the dimensional volume or total weight. In addition to these factors, other costs associated with routing could include taxes, screening, fuel surcharges, handling, and terminal fees. Reliable pet relocation agents will consider the airline with the best routing in addition to basic freight costs.

Vet Service Costs

Pets that travel by air need to have health certificates dated within 10 days of travel, which entails a visit to the vet to get a checkup for your pet to determine if they’re healthy and fit for travel, without any signs of a contagious ailment.

International travel requirements for pets will include blood testing, parasite treatments, and vaccines, depending on the country. Vet services will vary based on what’s needed, but you’ll rarely need to pay more than $250 for health exams and certificates. Blood tests may be more expensive depending on lab fees and the tests needed.

Crates for Pets

All pets will need a crate fit for safe and efficient transport. There are many different types of airline-approved travel crates available, but keep in mind that not every crate will meet the specific requirements of all airlines.

For instance, you may have a supposedly “airline-approved” crate with clamps in lieu of metal screws used to secure the top and bottom. However, despite the label, airlines may require crates to be secured using metal screws.

Regulations for travel crates will also depend on the breed of pet you’re transporting, and costs could be in the hundreds. If you decide to purchase your own travel crate, it’s best to make sure that it meets all of your pet’s specific requirements prior to making a purchase.

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